Package Type

MACHBASE provides manual installation and package installation files.

Installation type Description Note
manual installation Has a compressed file format and the extension tgz for Unix.
The user decompresses using tar and GNU gzip to proceed with the installation.
Can be installed only in console environment
package installation Provides an installation package for each operating system environment.
- Windows: msi
- Linux: tgz
Can be installed only in console environment

Package File Name Structure

The package file name is configured as follows.

item Description
EDITION Indicates the edition of the package.
- standard: Standard Edition
- cluster: Cluster Edition
VERSION Indicates the version of the package.
In detail, it is classified as MajorVersion.MinorVersion.FixVersion.AUX by numbers and characters.
- Major Version: Product main version - number
- Minior Version: A version with relatively large features added in the same main version. DB file / protocol compatibility is not guaranteed. -number
- Fix Version: A bug / minor feature added in the same main version. DB file / protocol compatibility is guaranteed. - number
- AUX: Indicates the package classification -number
– official: general package
– community: community edition package
OS Indicates the operating system name. (Example) LINUX, WINDOWS
CPU Indicates the type of CPU installed in the operating system. (Example) X86, IA64
BIT Indicates whether the compiled binary is 32-bit or 64-bit. (Example) 32, 64
MODE Indicates the release mode of the binary once compiled. (Example) release, debug, prerelease
OPTIONAL Only displayed in Enterprise Edition.
lightweight: Indicates a lightweight package to be added to the Coordinator.
EXT The package file extension. Depending on the package, it is available as tgz, rpm, deb, and msi.